Joe and Jack wonder why Kathy is late for milking. Chris wonders where she has stayed all night. It is Jack and Sarah's first anniversary. Caroline tells Chris a few home truths about how to treat Kathy. Frank also has a go at him telling him that he should learn from his mistakes and that if he loses Kathy he is a fool. Alan cannot get to grips with his answerphone or dictaphone. Caroline helps him out. Kathy turns up at Emmerdale Farm and tells Annie the whole story. Annie tells her that if she loves Chris she won't give up without a fight. Michael is relieved that the charges against him have been dropped. Frank calls at Emmerdale Farm and thanks Joe for helping with the fire. He invites Joe and Kate for dinner at Home Farm. Caroline finally manages to pin Alan down and talk to him about her house sale. He made £20,000 on the sale of her house and she wants half that amount. She settles for £50 a month. Charlie presses Dolly about investing her money in his consortium. He is planning to buy some land and build houses on it. Kathy arrives back at Home Farm. Chris apologises and tells Kathy that he respects her so much and they make up. Sarah and Jack have an anniversary meal at The Feathers in Connelton. Sarah tells Jack that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Chris ruins his reunion with Kathy by presenting her with an enormous diamond ring and asking her to marry him. She refuses and says that he is just trying to buy back her affection as usual. Jack and Sarah discuss marriage and both decide that it is not what they want. Jack agrees to ask Sarah to marry him every year on the condition that she always says no.


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