It is the day of the cow pat competition. Tony and Kate find out that Seth has been selling tickets as well. A reporter turns up in The Woolpack asking questions about Kate. Chris mentions to Kathy that Kim is looking for a stablehand - it would mean leaving Emmerdale Farm and working close to home. Sarah is worried about facing Kate and telling her that she has been called to give evidence against her. Joe questions Dolly about Frank. He is amused when she tells him how nice Frank can be. He still thinks that they are having an affair. Kathy explains to Sarah how tupping works. She tells her about the teaser - a ram which cannot serve a ewe himself, but allows the farmer to see which ewes are in heat. Dolly asks Nick if he would like to rent 3 Demdyke Row with Elsa. The cow finally performs - Kate wins and feels embarrassed. As her name is announced, a photographer takes her picture. The reporter interviews Kate after the competition. He starts by asking innocent questions, but then asks her about Rachel having an affair with a married man and his death. Henry has to rescue her from his questioning. Seth asks Amos to count the money he has raised. Henry tells Kate that he has been asked to appear as a witness for the prosecution in the case against her. She realises that the prosecution want to talk about her behaviour in The Woolpack. Tony thanks everyone for helping with his first fundraising event. He forces Seth into handing over the money that he raised. Sarah finally tells Kate and Joe that she has to appear in court as well. Kathy has decided to talk to Kim about the stablehand job. Elsa is reluctant to move into 3 Demdyke Row. Charlie helps Dolly make an inventory at 3 Demdyke Row and they sleep together.


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