Just as Henry leaves for New Zealand, Marian sends in a telegram informing the Sugden family that she has broken off her engagement. Amos is nonplussed when Ethel forgives him and apologises for last night.


The villagers gather impatiently outside The Woolpack when Amos is late opening due to his hangover. Walter mildly scolds Amos for opening up late but then is sympathetic when Amos looks very tired due to his hangover. Dry thanks Diana for sorting everything out and taking him to the ball the previous night. The Sugdens are surprised to find out that Henry has already left for New Zealand, stopping off in London beforehand. They receive a telegram for him which turns out to be from Marian saying she's not getting married after all. Amos receives a visit from Ethel in The Woolpack, wanting an apology for finding his list of expenses jotted down. He makes a reference to not keeping much money in The Woolpack till and is nonplussed when she brightens and walks out, apologising to him for them not going to the ball. Dry unblocks Diana's gutter at Crossthwaite's Cottage. She tells him she's expecting Alison for tea and he might as well join them. Matt arrives to find out if Dry's finished with the farm's ladder and is suspicious to see Alison and Dry laughing together on Diana's couch.


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