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Jack tells Sarah he's decided to take on Archie at Emmerdale as an odd job man. She thinks he should have run it by Joe first. Dolly's shocked when Kim tells her Charlie rang this morning. Alan frets that something will go wrong at the Home Farm shoot. Henry tries again to find out if Amos is serious about retiring. Charlie calls again for Dolly and she asks Kim to make an excuse for her. Amos admits to Henry that the more he thinks about retirement the more he's sure it's what he wants. The shoot gets underway at Home Farm. Frank is impressed by Alan's arrangements. Joe expresses his gratitude to Jack for managing the farm over the last few months. Jack talks him into giving Archie a trial. Frank and Alan have trouble with a shooter, Peter Simpson, who shoots too low and hits a rabbit despite them stating not to. Frank worries as Peter is the son of one of Tates' major customers. Charlie finally gets hold of Dolly at Home Farm and apologises. She agrees to meet him in The Woolpack later that night. Alan warns Peter that he is shooting too low. Jack and Joe show Archie round the farm. They're surprised when he mentions he's heard Amos might be retiring from The Woolpack. Bill is accidentally shot in the face at Home Farm by Peter who is still shooting too low. He suffers a minor injury but Peter is angry at being sent off and threatens to pass the news onto his father. Later, Chris vents his frustration on Frank for potentially losing them the Simpson contract but Frank tells him if he thinks he's going to let someone almost blast somebody's head off for a business contract he's a fool. Charlie meets with Dolly as the villagers gossip around them. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him again and to stop ringing her. He grabs her as she makes a move to leave but Eric intervenes by threatening to ring his wife. Dolly breathes a sigh of relief as he leaves.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Peter Simpson - Nick Spurr



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