Ethel surprises Amos when she helps him with his money worries. Alison is confused when Matt begins to avoid her when she's with Dryden, and soon catches on to why.


Annie watches Joe and Christine together around the farmhouse. Amos tells Dry the villagers have been gossiping about him and Diana turning up in evening dress together in The Woolpack the previous night. Alison finds herself briefly back behind the bar again when Ethel arrives and shocks Amos by telling him that her sister Grace and her husband have rang to thank him for their meal last night. Ethel informs him she'll split the bill. Matt arrives back from Beattie's to find Annie on her own in the farmhouse. He tells her he's told Beattie about the party and she didn't say much. Annie asks Matt about Joe and Christine, noting Joe seems happy. Matt hints that he's envious of how Joe seems to bounce back easily from things. He mentions seeing Alison and Dry together. Christine asks Joe to take her to church sometime. Amos receives a bill from Ned Bury for the taxi that Diana and Dry used to the ball. Diana agrees to pay half, while Amos tries to get her to pay for it all. Matt chats to Alison in The Woolpack but quickly moves away when Dry comes in, leaving Alison puzzled. She asks him what's wrong and he mentions he's suspicious of her and Dry. She tells Matt that Dry is just a friend, the same as he is. Matt's disappointed.


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  • This was the last episode to use the programme's original title sequence.
  • In an unusual move for the programme, the 'End of Part One' break bumper theme is replaced by a short soft piano version.
  • TV Times synopsis: Alison Gibbons goes out of her way to convince Matt Skilbeck that Dryden Hogben is just a friend.
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