The twins are well again so Ben and Beattie bring them to Emmerdale Farm for their party - but it ends up going wrong! Annie and Beattie have both put Sally on the cakes, and bought them the same present!


Henry mentions to Annie that Matt doesn't seem his usual self and plans to talk to him. Alison delivers a message from Ethel to Amos simply saying 'Proverbs Chapter 23, Verses 31 and 32'. Annie warns Matt that Henry wants a word with him later. Beattie sends Ben to find out what the Sugdens are getting the twins for their birthday so they won't get the same thing, he won't tell them what she's getting anyway. Henry has his chat with Matt in an attempt to cheer him up, but is surprised when Matt ends up cheering him up instead. Alison gives Henry two bears to give to the twins for their birthday. Joe receives a call from Jim Gimbel whose cows have managed to escape into Emmerdale Farm's field and asks for help rounding them up. Amos speaks to Henry about Ethel's message after working out she was referring to his drinking. He tells him to play Ethel at her own game and refer her to a bible verse relating to illness. Ethel later calls when she discovers his message and gives him some medication. When she sees Henry with a drink, she questions whether Henry is a bad influence on Amos and ponders getting to know him better. A depressed Sam get a surprise when Beattie and Ben burst into their farm with the twins stating they're well again and the party can go ahead. Ben discovers both Beattie and Annie have put 'Sally' on the birthday cakes and Joe isn't pleased to discover that Beattie and Annie have got the twins the same present.


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