Chris has been up all night trying to find an alternative for the lost contract and asks Kathy not to mention it to Kim. Henry is feeling lonely on his own at The Woolpack and jumps at the chance to accompany Annie in Hotten to shop for dinner. Jack receives a letter complaining about the farm's 'Beware of the bull' sign stating they're misleading people who want to use the right of way by saying there's a bull in the field when there isn't. He decides to take it down. Gary reveals his plans for The Woolpack to Alan but he isn't happy. Rachel tells Michael she doesn't want to spoil anything now they're friends again. Gary sets Alan up a meeting with Charlie Aindow. Kathy goes against Chris's wishes and tells Kim about the lost contract when she suspects something is wrong and explains how they're set to lose a large sum of money. Henry tells Annie he plans to stay on at The Woolpack and keep an eye on Alan's ideas. Seth struggles to find somewhere to drink while The Woolpack is closed. Elsa isn't pleased when Nick receives a letter saying Caroline is coming to stay for a while. They argue. Alan and Elizabeth have dinner together but Alan worries that he is being too forward when Elizabeth is cool with him after he confides in her about Caroline. Nick frets as he comes close to hitting Alice when she won't stop crying.


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Memorable dialogue

Archie Brooks: "'Ave you ever thought you might 'ave a drink problem?"
Seth Armstrong: "I 'ave got a drink problem! And I will 'ave' until Turner opens that flamin' Woolpack again."
Michael Feldmann: "We an't interrupted owt 'ave we?"
Nick Bates: "Oh no. Anyway, it'll be nice to speak to somebody without havin' to go goo-goo or da-da."
Rachel Hughes: "Well, that counts you out then, Mark."

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