Jack agrees to Mark paying his £30 back in installments. Frank tells Chris he needs to stop worrying about what's happened and start concentrating on what they're going to do. Caroline's nose is put out of joint when Elsa mentions that Elizabeth is the best helper Alan says he's ever had. Having already picked antique pieces from Eric, Alan avoids Charlie's phonecalls. Sarah continues to 'mother' her lamb. Rachel is annoyed by Jack and Michael's attitude to farming and animal experimentation. Alan explains his ideas for The Woolpack to Caroline. Kim confides in Dolly about the haulage business potentially going bust. Elizabeth gives Elsa a lecture when she finds out Caroline is looking after Alice at night. Mark pays a visit to a bank in Hotten. Frank and Chris work out a business recovery plan. Zoe is irritated when Archie continues to refuse to talk to her. Henry, Alan and Caroline come across Amos's private diaries in the pub dating back as far as 1962. Zoe forces Archie to have a drink with her at The Malt Shovel but he gives her a hard time over her one night stand with Michael and accuses her of laughing at him by pretending to be his girlfriend. She apologises. Charlie tracks down Alan and finds out he's already accepted a better deal from Eric. Frank decides to put the lease up on the yard and relocate to Home Farm, replacing their receptionist with Kim in the process. Charlie pays Eric a visit and informs him he's ordered an audit on the market books. Archie tries to convince Michael and Rachel to patch things up with Zoe. Mark asks Jack to lend him £10 and he'll have £30 back by the end of the week. Intrigued, Jack bites. Rachel plans to take action on animal experimentation by targeting a big laboratory outside Skipdale. Michael is reluctant and Archie wants to go to Zoe with their plans but Rachel refuses. Alan is surprised by an entry he finds in Amos's diary.


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Memorable dialogue

Henry Wilks: (reading from Amos Brearly's diary) "Once more, the impact of great events struck a chord in the imaginations of our quiet village community. What was once only a... metaphysical conceit... in the minds of our illustrious seventeenth century poets took actual shape today as Yuri Gagarin completed man's first orbit of the earth. Milk sour again, will have to have words with Jacob Sugden."

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