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Frank and Chris tell Kathy and Kim that they're reducing the business to the bare-bones and want Kim to take over reception duties for them while Kathy manages the stables. Henry and Alan find that Amos suspected Seth was the son of George Verney. Seth cons free beer out of Ernie at The Malt Shovel by hinting of new plans at The Woolpack. Henry plans to look at the church records to find out if Amos' suspicions of Seth's paternity are correct. Michael tries to talk Rachel out of protesting. Nick and Dolly worry about their future at Home Farm as Dolly overhears Frank and Kim talking about laying staff off. Alan finds out that the Tates might be going under and frets about the fish farm.


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Memorable dialogue

Henry Wilks: "I remember old Sam Pearson saying to me that Seth's mother left Home Farm in dubious circumstances - under a cloud."
Alan Turner: "Well, if she was anything like Seth, she was probably sacked for laziness."

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