Amos is unhappy when Henry receives a letter from Ethel, asking to meet Percy. The Sugden family nearly forget about Annie's birthday, whilst Annie assures Matt that he is still apart of the family even if he remarries.


Annie pushes Sam to go to an opticians. Christine tries to arrange a visit to her father's farm again so Joe can meet him, but is unable to get hold of him. Dry cuts up the timber for the Sugdens at the Forge and ends up breaking the saw. Henry tells Amos that he and Percy have scrapped their plans for The Woolpack and started again. Amos is angry when Henry receives a letter from Ethel. She wants Henry to introduce her to Percy. Annie tries to talk to Matt but keeps getting interrupted by the family. Sam discovers a postcard from Jack wishing Annie a happy birthday. He, Joe and Matt realise they've all forgotten her birthday and apologise. Matt confides in Annie that he feels more apart from everyone since Peggy died. Annie makes him see that he's still as much part of the family as he ever was. She says that he is the father of her 2 grandchildren, which certainly makes him family. He questions what would happen if he remarried. Annie tells him that it wouldn't change his love for Peggy and if he chose to remarry he should do and they would welcome his new wife to the family.


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