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Elizabeth tries to push Nick and Elsa into marrying before Alice's christening and plans to speak to Tony. Michael insists on going to the protest with Rachel to look after her. Dolly and Nick become fed up of waiting to find out about their jobs and Dolly demands an answer from Kim. Frank informs them that their jobs are safe. Dolly cringes as Alan arrives to question the future of the Fish Farm. Frank is frustrated that news of the Tates going bankrupt seems to be all over the village. He gives him a £200 cheque for the regulars on the opening night at The Woolpack in attempt to stop the rumours. Kim takes over the role of secretary while Kathy is made to take charge of the stables. Tony tells Nick and Elsa it's up to them if they want to marry before the christening. Eric sells his car to make up the money he lost on Debbie ahead of the audit on the market books. Elsa and Nick have a stern talk with Elizabeth and Caroline and encourage them to stop squabbling with each other. Michael, Rachel and Archie receive a shock when they're collected for their animal rights protest and discover they're targeting Bennetts' vets.


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