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Joe arrives home from France. Archie tells Zoe that he, Michael and Rachel were a part of the raid on the vets' when she wonders why they've been targeted. He tells her that her boss is experimenting on animals. Alan and Gary go over the plans for the grand re-opening at The Woolpack. Joe tells Jack he's feeling better than he has in a long time. Frank and Chris pack up the last of the items from their office. Zoe is shocked when Archie and Rachel present her with proof that her boss is involved in experimentation. Charlie calls at the market to find out how the audit is going. Eric gloats that everything is fine. Mark brings his girlfriend, Paula, back to the farm for dinner. She soon falls out with Joe when she overhears them discussing another complaint from a farmer about the 'Beware of Bull' sign and informs them that her father is responsible for the complaint. The villagers gather for the re-opening of The Woolpack. Seth cons the celebrity guest - Miss Skipdale Breweries - into giving him the 'Free pint' leaflets to hand out and then tries to claim them all at the bar. Elsa tells Michael she suspects Elizabeth does have a crush on Alan, noting her behaving jealously since Caroline returned. Alan informs Charlie that Eric sold his car. Jack and Joe tease Mark over Paula but Annie tells Mark he should be proud of Paula for standing up for what she believes in. Alan is relieved that the Woolpack launch was so easy but Henry warns him that it will be harder now he has to manage without Skipdale Breweries guiding him.


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