Joe isn't pleased when he discovers Mark has opened a bank account and spent £150 of his overdraft in three days. Alan tries to persuade Henry to help him out behind the bar until he can get a barmaid but he refuses. He asks Caroline for help in finding somebody. Kathy and Dolly grow tired of how they are being treated at Home Farm. Joe escorts Mark to the bank and closes his account. Zoe challenges Martin over his association with Skipdale Laboratories. When he confirms he's involved with them, she resigns. Nick and Elsa are pleased when Caroline informs them she might be staying in Beckindale for a while. Martin assures Zoe that as far as he's aware Skipdale Laboratories only engage in medical experimentation. He asks her to postpone her resignation until he can find out for definite. Joe invites Paula over to help him and Mark with lambing. Charlie takes great pleasure in delivering Eric a summons from his superiors. Kathy's delighted that Caroline is staying in Beckindale. The Woolpack's second night open barely sees anyone in attendance. Seth teases Alan that nobody likes the new beer on offer. Alan breaks the news that George Verney might be Seth's father. Seth is surprised and leaves to smarten himself up. Dolly and Kathy force Kim to take action at Home Farm. She agrees that she will help Kathy in the stables in the morning before taking up secretary duties in the afternoon and that Dolly should go back to being Home Farm housekeeper. Paula has a great time helping Joe and Mark with lambing. Eric is annoyed to discover that rumour is going around the village that he's lost his license due to drinking and driving following him selling his car. Caroline offers her services as a barmaid to Alan. He's delighted. Paula's horrified to realise that she's late returning home and worries what her dad will say. Chris tells Kathy he's realised what Frank sees in Kim, impressed with her organisation. He admits he's misjudged her.


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