Seth is taking liberties since being told that George may have been his father. Kathy is disappointed at how little time she's able to spend with Chris. Mark rings Paula but receives abuse from her father who thinks she was late home through being out on the town. Caroline arrives for her first shift at The Woolpack and is left to clear up dust and wash glasses from the night before. Joe rings Paula's dad in an attempt to explain her lateness the night before. He manages to talk him into letting Mark continue to see Paula on the condition that she's home by the agreed time. Alan tries to talk Seth back down to earth but Seth insists he's been to see his solicitor to find out his entitlements to the Verney estate. Caroline picks up on Elizabeth's infatuation with Alan and makes him aware of it. Charlie enjoys making Eric sweat as he attends a meeting with his superiors. Paula borrows her dad's car and picks Mark up. Henry discovers that the rumour of George being Seth's father was all Seth's idea of an April Fools prank, with no truth in it whatsoever. Alan swears revenge. Paula gives Mark a driving lesson but he accidentally drives them into a ditch, scratching the car. Kathy surprises Chris with supper while he is working, but his lack of interest annoys her. Mark receives a phone call from Paula saying her dad has instructed her not to see him again.


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