Henry is annoyed as Alan leaves him to take care of The Woolpack delivery. It's Robert's birthday. Kathy is tired of not seeing Chris and gets him to agree to a night out. Alan decides to arrange a radio commercial for The Woolpack. Caroline recommends that Alan should use a Yorkshire accent for the voiceover. Michael is annoyed to learn that Rachel plans to live in Leeds rather than commute from university every night. Kathy is angry when Chris has to cancel their night out for work after she's made reservations for them both at a restaurant and a theater trip. Dolly suggests Nick recommend an exercise class she's planning to put on to Elsa as a way of getting her out of the house. Robert's birthday party gets underway at the farm as his friends arrive. Caroline offers to look after Alice while Elsa goes out for a break. Alan seeks an actor for his radio commercial. Henry recommends Seth. Kathy offers Elsa and Nick her and Chris' theater tickets. Jack and Sarah are exhausted after Robert's birthday party. Sarah teases Jack that he'd never survive out in the wild on his own, suggesting he's too old. Annoyed, Jack takes her up on her challenge and storms out with his rucksack.


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  • Several children are uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
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