Joe waits anxiously for an anniversary card from Kate. Sarah is annoyed with Jack's disappearance. An updated alarm system is fitted at The Woolpack on Alan's insistence. Henry fails to see the point as the old one was fine. Rachel tries to cheer Joe up by giving him an anniversary card from her and Mark. Seth agrees to do the radio commercial for Alan for a fee - eight free pints at The Woolpack. Rachel invites Michael along to go check out out the university with her next week. Elsa is crabby as Kathy fusses over Alice in the street telling Elsa she's envious of her. The new alarm at The Woolpack suddenly starts blaring, riling Henry. Rachel is down about Michael's negative attitude over her going to university. Seth and Alan arrive at the radio station to record their commercial. Elsa feels guilty for leaving Alice, jealous of Kathy's freedom. She agrees to attend Dolly's exercise class. Seth adds his own creative spin to the wording of Alan's radio commercial turning it into a comic ditty. Kathy admits to Caroline that she's feeling unhappy with Chris. She wonders whether Chris can actually give her what she wants. Sarah advises a disappointed Joe not to get bitter over his relationship with Kate. Jack phones the farmhouse from The Woolpack, not disclosing his whereabouts to Sarah but insists he's proving his point. She tries to force him to come back home. Caroline tries to appease tensions between Henry and Alan by getting them both to individually agree to have a bit more patience for the other. The new alarm at The Woolpack starts blaring again.


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