Kathy's annoyed when Chris wakes and puts his arm around her. Rachel worries as she waits for news on Michael's blood tests. Alan receives a letter saying that brewery sales aren't up to standards. Kathy lays down some ground rules for Chris while they're occupying the same space. Annie becomes annoyed by Henry's bad habits around the farmhouse. Chris expresses his disappointment to Frank that he and Kathy are over. Frank encourages him to fight for her. Rachel's overjoyed when Michael tells her his tests were negative. Joe decides to challenge Kim in the point-to-point members race. Frank tells Kim that his sperm count is low and it could take up to three years to change. He's relieved when Kim takes the news well. Alan tries to persuade Caroline to live in at The Woolpack again. Eric struggles to get around without a car. Annie loses her temper and confronts Henry over his bad habits.


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