Rachel invites Michael to join her in Leeds again. He expresses that her friends make her feel uncomfortable but agrees to join her. Alan begs Henry to get in touch with Monk's Brewery again. Sarah can't bear to see Annie and Henry at loggerheads and plans to have a word. Elizabeth is disappointed when the only person to remember her birthday is Seth. Michael worries that Rachel will change at university. Henry tiptoes around Annie at the farm. Kathy and Chris realise they're spending the night in together at Home Farm. Michael apologises to Elizabeth for forgetting her birthday. Elsa arrives with chocolates for her, having only just remembered. Sarah offers to step in as peacemaker between Annie and Henry but Annie flatly tells her she doesn't need a mediator. Eric is thankful to Alan when he gives him the idea of asking for a company car. Chris and Kathy have a fun night together playing board games and reminiscing. Alan asks Caroline if she's given any more thought to moving back to The Woolpack. Caroline insists the more he pushes the less likely she is to move in. Kathy slaps Chris when he attempts to pin her down and kiss her.


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