Chris and Kathy have slept in separate rooms. She packs some of her things and goes to 3 Demdyke Row. Michael complains of feeling ill again and pulls out of the Leeds trip with Rachel. Kathy tells Caroline and Elsa what happened with Chris. Elsa wants to report him for attempted rape but Kathy tells her to leave it. Frank is concerned for the business when Kathy calls in sick and Chris arrives late and discovers they've had a row. Caroline tells Kathy she can stay in her room at Demdyke as she's decided to move to the The Woolpack. Eric is less than impressed when he sees the company car Charlie has got for him. Kim gets Joe to help exercise the horses at the stables so she can concentrate on the haulage firm. Henry tells Alan he's visited Monk's brewery and they will be visiting him and Caroline at The Woolpack. Caroline is amused by Alan's attempts to butter her up into moving in. He's delighted when she tells him she's decided to. Nick turns violent with Chris when he storms into 3 Demdyke Row demanding to see Kathy and Elsa lets slip what happened.


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