Alan makes Caroline breakfast following her first night at The Woolpack. Nick leaves to find out if he still has a job. Frank's amused when he discovers he punched Chris and tells him to get to work. Nick can't believe his luck. Annie continues to be annoyed by Henry's mess around the farmhouse. Mark asks to borrow a tent from Jack as he and some friends are arranging to go camping. Alan receives notice that Monk's Brewery are coming to inspect The Woolpack today. He makes out Caroline has been living in for some time. Rachel begins to wonder if Michael is putting on his illness to get out of going to Leeds. Dolly is amused when Eric wangles a free car from Maxwell's Garage in exchange for advertising their name all over it. Annie confronts Henry over his mess again. He apologises and explains living with Amos has given him bad habits. Michael teases Rachel when she voices her suspicions of him faking the illness to get out of the Leeds trip. Alan is in good spirits after the brewery visit. Charlie forces Eric to get rid of his car. Frank tries to get to the bottom of Chris and Kathy's argument. Elsa ponders starting evening classes. Alan is ecstatic when he discovers The Woolpack will be trading Skipdale Breweries for Ephraim Monk's as of next week. Kathy babysits Alice as Nick and Elsa go out. Chris is cold shouldered when he arrives at The Woolpack with a girl. Zoe wonders if Michael's illnesses are a way of him subconsciously trying to keep Rachel in Beckindale. Kathy is shocked when she hears Chris is in The Woolpack with a girl.


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