Kathy decides it's time to return to work. Henry gets under Annie's feet in the farmhouse kitchen. Mark has had a bad night sleeping outside in Jack's tent. Nick spots the girl Chris was with in The Woolpack leaving Home Farm and kissing him. Sarah feels for Henry when he goes birdwatching as a way of avoiding Annie. Annie feels guilty when she hears Henry's avoiding her. Frank walks in on an argument between Nick and Chris. Seth's horrified when he discovers The Woolpack is closed but is delighted to find out it's due to the pub switching to Ephraim Monk's ale. Chris pushes Frank to sack Nick but Frank refuses. Elsa arranges to attend her first evening class. Frank explains to Joe that Kim is desperate to win the Point to Point Race to attract business for the stables. Rachel is suspicious that Mark is trying to impress someone. Kathy's angry to discover Chris's girl stayed the night. She plans to gather her belongings and move out properly. Elsa arrives back home in good spirits having enjoyed the evening class.


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