Alan prepares for the re-opening of The Woolpack and asks Seth to keep an eye on the spit roast. Kim frets to Frank over the possibility of losing the horse race to Joe. Kathy annoys Chris as she divides up their stuff. Rachel teases Mark for having a girlfriend. Alan becomes nostalgic over his relationship with Caroline after finding an entry about them in Amos' diary. He attempts to rekindle the flame but she snuffs it out. Eric sizes up the competition between Joe and Kim and starts encouraging people to place bets. Sarah tells Joe she's putting her money on Kim. Alan re-opens The Woolpack and the villagers celebrate the return of Monk's beer. Eric tells Frank that Joe is favourite to win the race. Alan approaches Jack with the possibility of serving the lamb on a regular basis. Frank asks Joe to let Kim win the race. Henry toasts Alan's success at The Woolpack. Joe is disgusted with Frank and refuses to throw the race.


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