Kim is nervous ahead of the Point-to-Point. Seth fails to help by informing her that everyone has bet on Joe to win. Chris offers Eric Kathy's car. Mark sets off on his camping trip. Kathy and Chris have a blazing row when she finds Eric testing her car. Mark meets Paula at the bus stop. Seth bets £50 against Eric that Kim will win the race. Rachel and Michael are inspired by Mark's camping trip and plan to go themselves. Rachel works out Mark is with Paula. Frank tries to explain to Kathy that Chris is heartbroken over their split. Kathy informs him that Chris attacked her in bed. The Point-to-Point gets underway. Frank tries to persuade Joe to let Kim win again by reminding him of how important it is for her. The members race gets underway and Joe and Kim spend the majority of the race neck in neck. Joe is forced to forfeit claiming there is a problem with his horse's leg and Kim wins the race. Rachel is angry with Michael when he feigns a headache after she suggests going to Leeds to meet her friends from university. Kim witnesses Frank trying to hand Joe money and calls Joe a cheat.


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