Frank informs Chris he knows he tried to attack Kathy and warns him to get out of the village for a while. Kim's business starts to improve following the race but she refuses to forgive Frank for attempting to bribe Joe. Mark and Paula's camping trip has been a disaster. He calls Rachel asking her to pick them up. Kim apologises to Joe for suspecting him of taking a bribe. She tells him she can't enjoy the prize as Frank's ruined any enjoyment for her. Joe makes her see that she still won the race fairly. She makes up with Frank. Mark asks Rachel to stay quiet about Paula and the camping trip. Michael confesses to Rachel that he was feigning illness in order to prevent losing her. Rachel tells him she needs to do what's right for her. Sarah quizzes Joe on whether Emmerdale uses creosote on their sheep after discovering it lessens the quality of their fleece. Michael asks Rachel if she loves him. Thrown, she admits that she probably does. She's horrified when Michael proposes to her, wanting them to get married after she finishes university and inadvertently finds herself saying yes. Sarah drums up support from Dolly and Henry about making the best quality wool possible when she discovers Jack and Joe do use creosote on the farm. She gets them to agree to stop using creosote by pointing out they could get fined. Kim pushes Kathy to make up her mind on if she intends to stay working at Home Farm when she takes time off to avoid Chris again. Rachel confides in Zoe about Michael's proposal. Kathy tells Kim she's not leaving. Zoe tells Rachel she'd be making a massive mistake marrying Michael.


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  • Home Farm - Tennis court, stable yard, sitting room/office and garden
  • Emmerdale Farm - Farmhouse kitchen, fields and yard
  • Unknown field and road
  • The Woolpack - Old tap room and forecourt


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