Mark frets that Paula will never speak to him again. Rachel persuades him to call her. Chris transfers Kathy's car registration over to her name. Tony begins looking for volunteers for the village fete and puts notices up around the village. Dolly arranges some time off in July to take Sam to Norfolk to see Matt. Michael tells Joe that he and Rachel are engaged. Mark's depressed after ringing Paula, telling Rachel she's dumped him. Kathy's agitated when she bumps into Chris at work again. Zoe discovers that Martin is still working for Skipdale Laboratories and confronts him. He admits he can't afford to turn down business based on principal. Joe blabs about the engagement to Rachel in front of Annie. Frank rips down Tony's notices about the fete. Rachel explains to Joe and Annie about Michael's proposal. Chris leaves for the Isle of Man for a few days. Frank confronts Tony over putting posters up saying the fete will be held at Home Farm without asking him first. He's forced to apologise when Tony reminds him he spoke to him about it a few months ago. Rachel becomes irritated by people wishing her well over the engagement. Nick worries about Kathy working at Home Farm. Tony struggles to get volunteers for the fete. Zoe quits her job at the vets.


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