Elsa and Nick worry over how Kathy will fare at Home Farm after her breakup with Chris. Kathy battles with her emotions after she sees Chris kissing a woman on the cheek as she leaves; she's embarrassed when Kim tells her it's one of her friends who spent the night. Rachel's low-key engagement gets out of hand as she learns Michael put an announcement in the paper. Elizabeth questions Michael about whether they're moving too quickly; he insists it's what they both want. Rachel confides in Elsa that she thought Michael had known that she'd meant she might marry him eventually, not right now. Frank hatches a desperate plan to save the haulage business when he sees the bill inland revenue is demanding. Zoe meets Douglas Prescott when he buys one of Kim's horses. After he talks to her about how they move the horses, she decides to take a job as a flying vet. Joe feels guilty when Michael reminds him that Kate needs to know her daughter is getting married. As plans for the engagement party begin, he pledges to support Rachel as best he can. Eric swindles an old woman out of her possessions to have enough money for a new car. Kim convinces Kathy to help Tony plan the summer fete; they go out for a drink. A desperate Frank tells Chris that in order to salvage the company they will have to stage a lorry robbery for the insurance.


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  • Sheila Mercier is credited, but does not appear in the episode.
  • Craig McKay is credited, but does not appear in the episode.
  • Mrs. Anderton, the woman Pollard swindles, is not credited despite several lines of dialogue.
  • This episode was released on the following commercial releases:
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