Annie is suspicious when Matt refuses to go to the shop. Alison is confused when she and Dryden wave at Matt but he ignores them.


Matt isn't keen when Annie asks him to pick up some peas from the shop. Ethel drops a steak and kidney pie off at The Woolpack for Amos and Henry, she asks again if Henry is around but he isn't. Henry helps Sam out in the garden with his onions. Alison and Dry bump into each other in the village. They wave at Matt as he passes by, but he ignores them. Later, Matt makes out to Annie that he forgot to pick the peas up from the shop, but Dry mentions waving to him outside the shop. Joe invites Matt along to Bradford for dinner with him and Christine when they go next week, telling him he can bring Alison. Matt is keen to avoid it. Amos discusses his plans for a mural in The Woolpack, or a "muriel" as he calls it, with Dry. Dry suggests he put up a storyboard.


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