Elsa persuades Nick to go out and enjoy himself at The Woolpack, he isn't so enthusiastic at the idea at first but later agrees. The Sugdens aren't happy when Michael's nowhere to be seen and he's supposed to be doing the milking. Dolly comforts Archie after the humiliation with the ice cream. Tony and Kathy decide to be seen together in public, considering the fact that gossip has probably already flown around the village, Chris isn't too happy to see them and takes his retaliation out on the punters in The Woolpack. Alan becomes exceedingly overprotective and jealous when he discovers that Caroline is going out for the night with Eric. Rachel and Michael decide to leave the farm behind for a short while and go on holiday. Archie gets his revenge on his rival ice cream worker, by having Mark among others handing out leaflets for special officers on the pricing, causing ructions. Henry's meeting turns into a scab when the only participant to turn up is Frank. Louise, a friend of Elsa's, comes to visit her while Nick is out. However, when Nick returns and discovers that Elsa hasn't seen to Alice in a short while and she is soaking wet due to her nappy not being changed, causes double tension for the couple. Alan is rushed off his feet after giving both Caroline and Kathy the same night off. He persuades Sarah to look after the bar while he goes on the search for Caroline and Pollard. He gets the wrong end of the stick when he sees Caroline taking off her stocking in the middle of a country road in Eric's car. Joe receives a phone call from Kate who tells him that she has been released from prison and is living with her father in Sheffield. Joe questions why she hasn't returned to the farm.


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