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Annie is less than thrilled when she takes Kate and Joe breakfast and learns Joe has had to sleep in another room. The reaction encourages Kate to isolate herself throughout the day. Kathy agrees to fill in for Dolly as the Tates have their meeting with Arthur Bright. Chris continues to tease her about her new relationship. Nick plans a surprise holiday for Elsa even though it will come from baby Alice's money. Archie is depressed as he makes plans to dig a grave for Bill Whiteley. At the meeting, Chris speaks up to Arthur after he repeatedly makes sexist comments toward Kathy. Kathy is surprised when Chris lies that he's her fiance in order to make Arthur back down. Frank scrambles to make things up with Arthur. Alan takes Seth's lotion for his spots, but mistakenly drinks it. After Elizabeth helps him put the lotion on his face, Caroline warns her about Alan turning her into his servant. Elizabeth insists she can take care of herself. Eric plans a strippergram for Alan's upcoming birthday. Joe confronts Kate about why she lied about the reason she wasn't at her welcome home party, and she tells him more about how much she dreads being around people in the village and how upset she is by the family shunning her. As Annie vents to Henry, he suggests they get away from the situation by seeing Marian in Italy. Annie says she'll think about it. After the meeting with Arthur, Kathy tells Chris he's no better, as he treated her as his property. She accepts him lying about their relationship for the business deal but swears she won't be any part of it herself. Sarah, Elizabeth and Kim, the women members of the town twinning committee, vote for Kim's suggestion of Norway when the men disagree over a location. Frank praises her for her skills, and she admits she mostly wanted to go there for the skiing. After their talk, Kate agrees to let Joe sleep on the sofa in their bedroom, but even as he hopes their marriage is getting back on track, it's clear she isn't happy.


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