Franklin returns and Diana finds herself distant from him when he leaves mid-way through their walk. Annie decides an interference is necessary and attempts to reconcile Matt and Alison.


Sam makes a recorder out of one of the legs from the table he brought from Wally. Mrs. Dawkins notes that she saw Matt's landrover passing in the village, leaving Alison confused as to why she has not received her eggs from him. Dry goes for a walk through the Cemetery and comes across Peggy's grave. He meets Reverend Ruskin for the first time. Franklin and Diana go for a walk through the village. Alison hears Matt outside again and goes to find out about her eggs, but Sam comes in with them instead. She goes outside to talk to Matt but he just drives past her. Franklin gets bored of the walk and goes back home. Diana calls at the farm for some eggs with Dry. Annie invites them to stay for a cup of tea. When she sees Alison later, Annie's surprised to discover Sam dropped the eggs off and decides it's time Alison and Matt crossed paths again. Ethel joins the villagers for choir practice and contributes to the congregation in an extremely off-key manner. Amos is concerned about Henry's intentions when he finds out he's sent away for an engagement ring brochure. Matt's put out when he finds out Annie's invited Alison for tea tomorrow.


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