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Kate starts out the day unhappy that she wasn't told about Bill Whiteley's passing, and things don't get any better when she gets a very cold shoulder from Annie over Joe continuing to stay out of the marriage bed. With Annie's ire increasing, Henry finally convinces her to go to Tuscany with him, which they tell the family. Frank is pleased that Arthur Bright still wants to make a deal with the haulage firm, but when he asks Kathy to keep up the ruse of being Chris' fiancee, she says she won't stop them, but she also won't participate. Seth hears a voice from the grave while walking Smokey - Archie, digging a plot for Bill. After the family convince Kate to head to Alan's birthday party, the car ride to The Woolpack is spent relaxing and talking about her time in prison, until Kate is haunted by the ghost of Pete Whiteley when a man walks near the car at the same spot where she ran Pete over. Things get worse when she arrives at the pub to find a sullen Archie and Lynn. Kim tells Frank that Dolly will be back tomorrow, but that she's sure Dolly is keeping something from her. Caroline learns that her mother has had a minor stroke and makes plans to go visit her. An arresting spectacle in The Woolpack gives Alan the biggest fright of all when a stripogram hired by Eric, Joe, and others cuffs him and begins to undress him. A traumatized Alan is rescued by Chris. Lynn and Archie jeer the men for how they treated Alan, but when Kate agrees, Lynn lashes out at her. Kathy is impressed when Chris tells her he helped Alan because of what she'd said about being treated like property. She agrees to go to the dinner with Bright and the family - as long as Chris agrees to be a gentleman.


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  • Stripogram - Hayley Johnson



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