Archie buries a time capsule of Bill's personal effects and uncovers evidence of an old indiscretion via a photo of Bill and a woman who wasn't his wife. Seth is less than pleased to realise it was his wife! Bill's funeral has a sparse attendance, with even the vicar, Tony, having left town without telling anyone, necessitating a replacement. Alan is annoyed as he had a large spread at The Woolpack, but he soon has more serious problems when he collapses from pain. He takes some ribbing when his doctor tells him it's his allergies, and he can only eat mashed potatoes and pears, and can no longer drink alcohol. Kate remains distant from Joe. Dolly is hurt when Frank asks her out to a meal with the family but doesn't tell her it's just to be a companion to Arthur Bright. She confides in Jack that she now knows she will never matter to the Tates and that her abortion is still affecting her mood. When she tells him she got a job offer while on holiday, Jack suggests she leave while she has the chance. Dolly is reluctant, but her opinion of the Tates sours further when her dinner date turns into a nightmare experience - Arthur Bright makes advances on her until she hurriedly excuses herself. She angrily tells Frank that he would likely even offer up Kim for sexual favors if it helped his business. On a more positive note, Kathy invites Chris in for a nightcap, and while she refuses his offer to stay over, she still ends the night with a smile on her face.


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