Chris and Frank seem to expect Kim to take over Dolly's duties in her absence. Kate is in a foul mood the following morning. Kathy tells Lynn she thinks Chris was genuine in his concern for her. She decides to try and track down Tony at his old parish in London. Kate accuses Joe of bringing up her prison sentence every time they have a disagreement. Chris and Frank agree to work together in future, acknowledging that they risked ruining their business with their rivalry against each other. Alan is concerned he will be missing a town twinning meeting due to his illness. Archie plans his revenge on Eric for Alan's birthday present by hitting him in the wallet whilst carrying out repairs to his car. Kim decides to put an advert out for Dolly's job. Rachel asks Kate why she is being so nasty to Joe and demands to know what's going on. Kate tells her she's only staying with Joe because she doesn't want to hurt him and she can't continue to do so. Seth, Michael and Smokey scare a couple of youths away from the coops at the fish & game farm. Joe walks in on Kate packing her things. She tells him she's unhappy and she regrets coming back. He tells her he's known that they've been over for a while. Eric, Sarah and Frank are the only ones to arrive for the town twinning meeting. Frank surprises them both by announcing his retirement as chairman of the committee. Kate tearfully eyes Joe, Rachel and Mark as she leaves in a taxi. Chris loses control of his horse while out riding. Kathy manages to rescue him. Amused, they share a kiss.


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