Sam decides to play a trick on Henry and Lewis, which results in Henry informing the Hotten Courier that cuckoo birds are in the woods. Annie is unimpressed when Joe and Christine announce their intentions to not have a church wedding - in front of Liz.


Sam plays a trick on Henry and Lewis Potter when he goes for a walk in the woods with Bess and notices them birdwatching. He uses his recorder to make them think they've heard cuckoos. Christine makes a scarecrow for Sam. Annie isn't pleased when Joe mentions that he and Christine may not get married in church in front of Liz. Henry rings the Hotten Courier about the cuckoos in the woods. Amos is sceptical as he believes it's too early in the year for them. Henry's shocked when Amos tells him he's told Percy they will no longer require his services. Sam's unable to control his laughter when Henry passes on the news that the Hotten Courier are interested in covering the cuckoos he and Lewis heard. Annie tells Matt that Alison is expecting him to pick her up. Alison persuades Diana to join the choir. Henry rings Percy and tells him to ignore what Amos said about his services no longer being required. Henry witnesses Diana and Franklin exchanging words over how much Franklin is drinking in the pub. Matt calls to pick Alison up at the shop. She asks him if she's done something wrong. Matt's relieved when he tells her he thought he'd done something wrong and she tells him her night at Emmerdale Farm was one of the happiest nights she's had in ages.


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