Frank's livid when he sees 'BSE Incineration blights local holiday village plan' in the Hotten Courier. Sarah's puzzled by Annie and Jack's odd behaviour. Kim and Frank suspect Charlie's hand in the attempt to ruin their holiday park. Alan interviews Michael for the bar staff vacancy. He's shocked when Alan wants to offer him the job and gets out of it by pretending he's allergic to alcohol. Elsa begs Nick to go out with her for a meal tonight, wanting to borrow the money she's obtained from the catalogue sales. Joe arranges a night out before Rachel leaves for university. Jack teases Eric over Sandie refusing to sell the mill to him. Sarah, Joe and Jack witness Elsa dipping into the catalogue money to pay for drinks in The Woolpack. Alan interviews Lynn but she becomes defensive when he asks her how she'll cope with her child and accuses him of sex discrimination and storms out. Alan meets with Carol Nelson, former barmaid of the King of Prussia pub, and is impressed. He offers her the job. Annie tries to distract Sarah as Jack plans a surprise. Elsa shouts at Kathy when she finds out she can't babysit Alice for them tonight. Jack surprises Sarah with a romantic meal. Kathy meets Lynn and tells her Chris seems to have grown up and become kinder. Jack proposes to Sarah again but she turns him down and invites him to ask her again next year.


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