Sam tells Christine that he is behind the cuckoo bird and leads Henry, Joe, Matt, Annie and Edward to find out he had tricked them - Annie is not impressed. Meanwhile, Joe and Christine consider getting their own place, and moving into Hawthorn Cottage.


Christine notices that Matt's perked up. Henry confesses to Annie that he feels like a fool as there is now no sign of the cuckoo. Reverend Ruskin arrives at the farm and asks for a word with Joe. Amos expresses his suspicions to Alison that Henry has enticed Ethel into the church choir. Sam confesses to Christine that he was responsible for the noise that Henry mistook for the cuckoo. He repeats the noise on his recorder and hearing it in the farmhouse, Henry, Joe, Matt, Annie and Reverend Ruskin all dash out to find out where the bird is. When they find out it was Sam all along they all see the funny side of it, except for Annie. Amos witnesses Franklin and Diana sniping at each other in The Woolpack. Reverend Ruskin asks Sam to play his recorder at the Sunday School concert. Joe and Christine consider moving into Hawthorn Cottage. Amos asks Henry his intentions with Ethel.


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