Joe tells Marian that Jack is still married, whilst Henry tells Jack to stay away from Marian.


Peggy frets about the farm and what Jack will do with it. The Wilks receive their post, Marian has a letter from Jack asking to come and see her, the other is for Henry from Tom Merrick. Henry asks Marian to invite Jack up as he wants to speak to him. Marian visits Joe in hospital. Jack offers Matt a partnership in the farm, he won't take it. Matt hints about a pay rise, Jack works out Peggy asked him to ask. Marian asks Joe what he meant about Jack not being able to marry, he tells her that Jack is already married. Marian questions Janie about her sister's child, she realises Janie knows nothing but rumours. She later tries to question Annie but doesn't get anywhere. Norman spots a hiker walking through the public right of way near Inglebrook House. Henry is furious. The Sugdens prepare to celebrate Sam's birthday. Jack goes to dinner at Inglebrook with Henry, Marian and Norman. Henry warns him to keep away from Marian saying he received a letter from Tom Merrick that contained accusations. He also tells Jack that he saw him with a girl at The Feathers.


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