Chris and Kathy wake in a good mood. Annie is concerned about the amount of hours Mark is working. Elsa asks Nick if he's ever thought of moving away from Beckindale and is disappointed when his answer is no. Frank is pleased to see Chris and Kathy happy again. Lynn tells Michael that she's not had a single offer on the house so will be staying put for a while longer. He tells her that Rachel has gone back to Leeds. Annie asks Joe to help her sort through Henry's things. Nick is disappointed to learn Kathy has spent the night with Chris. Elsa enviously talks of Rachel's life in Leeds to Elizabeth and Nick. She tells Nick she wants to move there. Frank asks Joe if he's interested in the Estate Manager role for the Holiday Village. Nick refuses to move to Leeds. Joe's taken aback by Frank's proposition but tells him he's interested and will think it over. Customers in The Woolpack eye Michael and Lynn drinking together. She invites him to a picnic with her and Peter tomorrow. Nick is furious to discover Elsa has been dipping into the catalogue money again and is having to pay it back from their own account. Seth and Carol gossip about Lynn and Michael. Chris and Kathy enjoy a cosy meal alone. Joe tells Alan that he's not happy with Mark working late, worrying his A-levels will be affected. Carol assures Joe that Mark will leave on time tonight after Alan shows little concern. Elsa tells Nick that she wants to enjoy herself while she's still young and knows they will not be able to do that in Beckindale while they're struggling to make ends meet in jobs that are going nowhere. Mark is ecstatic with the amount he's made in tips at the end of the night. Alan tries to force Mark to stay late and do the washing up but Carol tricks Alan into letting him leave on time. Kathy hints to Chris that she wants him to propose again. He does and she accepts.


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