Chris tries to get to see Kathy on the morning of their wedding. Caroline refuses to let him in. Kathy is taking no chances where bad luck is concerned. She is even sending £5 off to continue the chain letter. Nick and Elsa get ready for the wedding. He warns her that if she is serious about going to Leeds, he will fight her for Alice. Lynn asks Kathy if she is sure that she is doing the right thing in marrying Chris. Kathy assures her that she is lucky to have found someone else to love. Chris is panicking about not seeing Kathy. He decides to send a fiver off for the chain letter as well. Malcolm Bates turns up for Kathy's wedding. Caroline is suspicious about his motives. Carol is thinking of providing bar meals in The Woolpack. Elizabeth advises against it. Kathy gets stuck in a traffic jam on her way to the registery office and Chris thinks that she isn't coming. Suddenly she appears running down the street in her wedding dress. The wedding gets underway. Chris and Kathy are married. After the ceremony, everyone takes photographs of the happy couple. They both look forward to a quiet reception, but Frank has organised for a helicopter to take them there. Lynn catches the bouquet. Archie is talking about the wedding in the pub when a mystery man slams down his pint and walks out. The reception gets underway at Home Farm. Frank tells Jack and Sarah that Joe has accepted his job offer. Archie is delighted to see Zoe. The man from The Woolpack appears at the wedding reception. Lynn is being harassed by Alex, so pretends that Michael is her boyfriend. They kiss to convince him, but then kiss for real - unaware that they are being filmed for the wedding video. Jack argues with Joe about taking Frank's job. Frank has one final surprise for Chris and Kathy - a fireworks display on the lawn of Home Farm.


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