Today is not Alison's day as Henry pesters her about Matt, and Matt brings up her time in prison.


Amos believes that Ethel is moving onto Dan Middleton now. Henry becomes irate when he mentions Alison. Wally is annoyed after seeing Reverend Ruskin in a Roman Catholic church in Hotten. Henry drops in at the shop to help Alison with the stock take, but he goes too fast for her and she says she might be better on her own. He's jealous when she mentions that Matt might be helping her too and reminds her that the night they went out to dinner together she told him that she wasn't planning to be involved with anybody. Alison admits that at the time she wasn't but Henry reminds her that she was out with Matt again the very next night. He asks her directly if she has her eye on Matt. Alison tells him it's nothing to do with him and tells him to go. Matt arrives to help with the stock take and inadvertently reminds Alison of the time she was in prison. When Dry plans to start work on the attic window, Sam fears his bedroom will end up damp due to the weather. Sam debates whether Amos is likely to marry Ethel to Annie and Henry. Henry isn't convinced. Alison and Matt go for a drink in The Woolpack. She falls silent when he brings up her friendship with Reverend Ruskin and how she happened to arrive in the village. She asks Matt if he'd mind if she went home as Henry watches them.


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