It is the morning of the move. Sarah tells Mark that Rachel has also paid for Robert's room. Mark seems determined to have it though. Carol notices Eric leaving Elizabeth's again. She tells Alan. He still thinks that she is putting two and two together and making seven. Sarah and Annie share the kitchen for the first time. Annie insists that she will fit in with Sarah. It looks like it is going to be awkward. Alan catches Carol spying on Elizabeth. She tells him that she just likes to watch people. Kathy and Kim try and think of names for the rescued ponies. Carol manages to coax Eric into admitting that he is going out with Elizabeth. She promises that she won't breathe a word. Amos asks Annie if she has made up her mind. Lynn brings Jack and Sarah a bottle of wine as a moving in present. Jack seems uncomfortable around her. She uses the opportunity to try and make Sarah feel jealous by saying that Jack has offered her a shoulder to cry on whenever she needs it. Frank gets round Chris by admitting that he was wrong and should have asked him before buying the house. Sarah teases Jack about Lynn. Jack jokes that she must fancy him. Mark arrives home with his shopping. He claims that he has not got round to thinking of a balanced diet yet and that is why he has bought beefburgers, crisps and chips. Carol tells Seth about Eric and Elizabeth. Alan makes up an excuse to call round to Elizabeth's. It looks like she is alone, but he has a good look round the house and satisfies himself that Eric is not there before he leaves. When he has gone, Eric comes out of hiding and they laugh about Alan. Carol still believes that Eric was there, but just hiding. She admires Elizabeth's cunningness. Annie tells Jack and Sarah that she has decided to go to Amos's villa in Spain.


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