Wally and Edward almost come to blows. Meanwhile, Christine becomes frosty with Joe when he makes a joke about Dryden possibly having an affair with Diana.


Dry gets a call from Diana saying her fuses have blown. Christine's upset when Joe cracks a joke about Diana using that as an excuse to get Dry to go over. Henry forces Amos into apologising for the mistake he made over his intentions with Ethel. On Easter morning, Wally visits Reverend Ruskin and confronts him over attending mass at the Roman Catholic church in Hotten. He accuses him of being deceitful. Reverend Ruskin throws him out. Joe's intrigued when Dry says he couldn't mend Diana's fuse last night so had to stay the night. He adds that he slept on a chair in the sitting room and fixed the fuses in the morning. Reverend Ruskin gives an angry church sermon and subtly hits out at Wally. Amos receives a call from Ethel and hangs up on her. She keeps ringing back several times. Christine is still frosty with Joe over his joke and is annoyed with him when he gets rid of Matt with the intention of having sex with her in the farmhouse.


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