Sarah tells Jack that she is planning to have a girls night out. He knows that she is plotting something. Seth has decided to claim his pension and wants Archie to help him fill in his forms. Alan watches as Eric and Elizabeth set off for a day out together. The brochure for the holiday village is ready. Frank is surprised how well it has turned out. Lynn is surprised when Sarah asks her out for a drink and thanks Lynn for giving Jack his lunch. Frank praises Joe for the way the brochure has turned out. Joe prepares to go to Europe to visit holiday developments. Rachel decides to stay on and observe Sarah's revenge on Lynn. Seth and Archie try and find Seth's national insurance number in Elizabeth's office and turn the place upside down. Eric and Elizabeth have lunch together. He tries to tell her something, but she thinks that he is about to propose. Rachel suggests to Michael that he moves in with Mark. She also tells him that Lynn is going to be humiliated in The Woolpack that evening. He thinks that they are being unfair to Lynn. Eric tells Elizabeth that he is going to be away for a couple of weeks and doesn't want people to gossip about where he is. They discuss marriage, but decide that it is too soon for both of them. Joe tells Mark not to make so much mess and noise and to think himself lucky that he doesn't have Annie breathing down his neck. Jack realises that Sarah is out for revenge on Lynn and doesn't approve. Michael refuses to go to The Woolpack with Rachel. Archie tries to warn Lynn against meeting Sarah but she won't listen. Sarah meets with Lynn and they soon clash in the pub as Lynn tells her that Jack won't be able to keep away from her. Jack is angry with Mark and Michael for waking Robert up. Sarah finally blows her top with Lynn and throws a drink over her. Archie comforts Lynn.


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