Michael is annoyed by Mark's friends eating all his food and playing loud music. Sarah tells Jack about the previous evening. He thinks that she might have gone too far with Lynn but she has no regrets. Carol finds Seth waiting outside the post office. He is going to collect his first pension. Frank tells Kim that he thinks he is being ripped off by one of the workmen at the holiday village. He needs proof and Kim offers to do some more detective work for him. Elizabeth and Michael clash again over Eric. She resents his interference. Seth flashes off his pension to Carol. Chris tells Kim that he and Kathy have decided to stay at Mill Cottage. He doesn't want Frank to know yet. Seth is buying drinks for everyone in The Woolpack. Archie advises him to put his money somewhere safe. Carol gossips about Sarah and Lynn in the bar. Jack walks in and Archie tells him that Lynn is really upset by Sarah's outburst. He seems to feel guilty and decides to go and see Lynn. Lynn pretends to Jack that she is not upset by Sarah's words at all. Jack apologises for his part in the game that they were all playing. She insists that she is okay and just wanted a bit of fun. Seth hides his money in a tin at the fish farm. Smokie witnesses it. Mark invites Melanie for a quiet night in and has to put Dan and Gary off. Lynn takes her anger out on Archie. Mark asks Michael to go out for the night so that he can be alone with Melanie. Archie tells Michael that he is worried about Lynn. Seth is being flash with his money and Alan is getting suspicious. Michael walks in on Mark and Melanie. Mark is furious.


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