Sarah and Jack are at the end of their tether with the noise from the cottage. Mark and Michael clash again. Mark tells him that he is having a party soon and he doesn't want any interference. Lynn is having trouble sleeping. Elizabeth wonders why Seth is so eager to get in the post office. Kim offers to help Chris with his decorating, but he refuses. Jack moans about Mark to Michael. Frank and Kim follow his site foreman and a workman to try and get evidence of their scam. Archie asks Michael to look in on Lynn. He agrees. Elizabeth tells Alan that she is taking a holiday. She says that she is going to Knaresborough to see her sister, Margaret, but Alan suspects that she might be going to see Eric and he makes a fuss about her having the time off. Seth moans about the extra work that he will have to do now that Elizabeth is on holiday. Alan insists that he took pity on Elizabeth and told her to have a holiday. Kim tells Frank that she offered to help Chris with his interior design, but he rebuffed her. Alan nearly discovers Seth's hiding place for his money. He tells Seth to tidy the place up. Archie takes Lynn to The Woolpack again. Michael has a word with her. Mark asks permission to have a party. Jack is too soft to say no. Lynn makes another scene in The Woolpack and storms out. Mark tells his mates that the party is on. He decides to write a personal ad in Michael's name and put on Rachel's address - his friends all think that this would be funny. Lynn is furious with Archie for setting her up with Michael. She tells him to get out. Dan puts salt in Michael's coffee for a laugh.


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