Chris seems to be changing his mind about paying Frank back. He is thinking about accepting the house as a gift. Lynn seems to be on the verge of a breakdown. She is missing Pete terribly. Eric especially asks Elizabeth if they can have a quiet night in together. She looks worried when he says that he doesn't want them to be interrupted. Kathy tells Kim that she thinks Chris is up to something. Michael checks up on Elizabeth. She tells him that he is going to have to get used to her relationship with Eric. Archie tells both Kathy and Michael that Lynn is in a terrible state. Lynn is looking through her wedding album. Kathy calls round. Archie is trying to jog Seth's memory at the fish farm. He replays the accident and Seth's memory comes back. He wants to know what has happened to his money. Nick is poorly and Elizabeth suggests that he sorts out a proper routine for Alice. Seth and Archie decide to keep up the charade of Seth's memory loss. Carol is let in on the secret that Seth is better and they tease Alan. Rachel arrives home. She is suspicious when Michael is reluctant to go to The Woolpack. Alan is following Seth and Archie. They decide to have fun and lead him through a muddy field. He gets plastered in mud. Kathy tells Chris that she is happy to accept the house from Frank. Elizabeth wants to know if Eric has any ulterior motives in wanting to be alone with her. He stalls in telling her where he has been. Rachel is quite shocked by Lynn's appearance. They actually smile at each other. Frank is delighted when Chris and Kathy accept the house. Eric confesses to Elizabeth that he went to see his wife. Elizabeth is shocked and throws him out of the house, even though he claims that he went to ask for a divorce.


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  • This appears to be the first episode in the history of the programme not to feature any of the main Sugden family.
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