Diana and Franklin continuously row intensely about his drinking. Meanwhile, Joe and Christine put things right and Christine decides to tell her father about their engagement.


Diana and Franklin have another argument and she snipes at him over his drinking. Joe confides in Henry that he's had a row with Christine and he does his best to help. He gets up to leave when Alison and Matt join them, but Alison asks him to stay. Reverend Ruskin and Liz discuss Letty Brewer and the problems she's having with her husband. Christine receives a call from her father and she tells him she's coming to see him. Franklin gets drunk in The Woolpack and causes a scene in front of everyone when Diana walks in. She pushes him away and storms out. Christine tries to make Joe see that she feels like he's taking her for granted. They make up their differences and she tells him she's going to tell her father that they're engaged, but wants to do it alone. Matt and Alison go for a walk and he talks about remarrying. She says she's not sure if she wants to yet and asks him to just keep things as they are. Amos receives a call from Ethel but Henry snatches the receiver off him and hangs up. Diana and Franklin argue over his drinking again. She storms off to bed and he pours himself another drink.


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