Nick is still desperately looking for a childminder. Archie arrives to show Alice his pigeon. Sarah invites Lynn to her underwear party. She is pleased to be asked. They decide to keep Jack and Mark guessing about what they will actually be selling at the party. Archie offers to look after Alice for a while to let Nick have a break. He is surprised at how much childminders get paid. Elizabeth decides not to worry about gossip anymore. She tells Eric to book a table at The Woolpack. Seth is still insisting that he be allowed to take it easy at work. Lynn takes a reluctant Archie to buy his coffin. Sarah and Kathy tease Jack about the underwear party. The undertaker gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks that someone has died when Archie enquires about a coffin. Archie is shown a variety of coffins. When the undertaker finds out that Lynn is related to Bill, he offers to find them a special coffin as Bill was one of his most favoured customers. Gary is busy helping Mark to arrange his party. Michael doesn't want to come. Archie goes for a medium oak coffin that is worm proof. Lynn didn't realise that she would have to store the coffin at her house. Elizabeth finally admits to Alan that she and Eric are going out. They eat in The Woolpack and ask for a candle. Alan gossips about them in the bar. Michael overhears and storms into the restaurant. He confronts Eric and tells him that he is not good enough for his mum. Eric tells Michael that he has got a lot of growing up to do, but Michael threatens him.


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