Sarah has got everything ready for Annie's homecoming, but she has not had time to make Jack's breakfast. Frank wants Nick to look after the flowers at the holiday village. Nick thinks that he will have too much to do, but Frank makes it clear that Nick should be grateful having a job. Sarah is still cleaning madly. Carol is having problems with her ex and daughter Lorraine. Alan is thinking about how he can make use of the extra custom that the holiday village will bring in. Carol is horrified when he suggests opening all day. Mark wants to get a holiday job to help pay for the phone bill. Joe has been trying to find Lynn to see if she is going ahead with the holiday village shop. All the cabins have been furnished. Carol and Alan argue. She wants him to take on more staff. Seth loves the idea of The Woolpack being open all day. Eric has made an enemy of Charlie by tipping off Frank. Charlie threatens Eric. Frank wants Kim to sort something out about the pony trekking centre. She hands the responsibility over to Kathy. Annie arrives home. She comments that the place looks just like she left it. Seth has been to all the banks in Hotten and hasn't made up his mind yet. Archie talks to Kathy about Nick. He is worried about him. Alan gives Mark some extra hours at The Woolpack. Kathy ropes Alex in for a horse riding lesson so that she can practice her teaching technique. Frank complains about how tatty Beckindale looks. He thinks that they should enter a best kept village competition so that everyone cleans up. Nick resents Kathy's help. He realises that she has been talking to Archie and tells her to leave him alone. The Sugdens have a meal together. Annie has had a good time in Spain. Charlie knows all about the sideboard and wants his share - £500.


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