Michael opens up a red demand from British Telecom. He sees the amount and is shocked. He has a go at both Mark and Rachel. Nick is not eating properly. Lynn wants to get involved with the best kept village competition, but gets no help from Frank. Eric is going to borrow the sideboard so that he can get a valuation done. Kathy and Caroline talk about Nick and decide to help him even if he doesn't want them to. Kim invites Sarah and Jack to a barbecue that weekend. Eric has got the valuers report on the sideboard. It is worth what he paid for it and no more. Frank asks Alan to be anchorman in the Beckindale tug of war team. Mark tries to tell Joe about the bill, but can't do it when Joe tells him that he is proud of him. Nick doesn't want his mum's interference. Chris is insistent that Kathy wears her new dress for their meal out. Lynn wants everyone in the village to do something at the Hotten Show. Alan warns Eric against involving Elizabeth in anything dodgy. Lynn laughs at Kathy's dress. Nick is doing a good job of looking after Alice, but he is neglecting himself. Elizabeth is furious to find that Alan has warned Eric off.


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